T4 Series

The Smartscan T4 series safety light curtain is designed for use in 'High Risk' machine safety applications such as press brakes, presses, robotic work cells, guillotines, wood working machines, metal folding machines and many others. The T4 series has an integrated dip switch to allow the user to select from a range of functions including, fixed blanking, floating blanking, muting, muting timers (mute time out, mute delay off and mute beam disparity), partial / learn fixed muting, External Device Monitoring (EDM), automatic or latched restart and restart interlock. The extrusion is made of a twin chamber for improved strength with a IP65 rating and includes flexible mounting brackets as standard.

A T4 series comprises of the Transmitter (Tx) and the Receiver (Rx) units providing two fail safe electronic outputs (control reliable). A connection cable is required at both the Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver head (Rx), options for 5m, 10m and 20m cables are available.

The T4 series is a Type 4 device and meets EN ISO 13849 - 1, EN 62061 and (BS EN 954-1) and can be used where the risk assessment determines a requirement up to and including PL e, SIL 3 and (Category 4) control equipment.

The T4 series incorporates two fail-safe electronic output switches as standard. If there is a requirement for relay output switching we provide a selection of dedicated units in the RY4 series or the Multifunction safety unit (MFU) 011-160. The RY4 series of relays have been designed to provide easy connection of the T4 series. The units mirror the T4 series functions and offer a different number of normally open safety contacts. In addition the RY4C offers simple RJ45 connection from the T4 series to the relay unit significantly reducing installation time and further simplifying connection. A selection of accessories including mounting stands, reset station and mirror systems are also available.


  • Suitable for 'High Risk' applications
  • EC Type Examined
  • Safety classification EN ISO 13849-1, PL e and EN 62061, SIL 3
  • Simple installation and alignment
  • Up to 15m scanning range (model dependant)
  • One year manufacturers warranty
  • Robust twin chamber enclosures
  • Fixed and Flaoting blanking
  • Partial muting
  • Safety monitoring External Device Monitoring (EDM)
  • Diagnostic indicators
  • Dual channel, fail-safe electronic outputs (control reliable)
  • Dual mute inputs
  • IP65 rating
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Safety relay output unit with RJ45 connection for reduced installation time and cost

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