Versatile safety relays simplify light curtain integration.

New from Smartscan – a range of multifunction safety relays which provide, not only the emergency stop function but also have inputs for connecting upto two dual-channel light curtains.

The units have been introduced primarily to provide additional control flexibility for Smartscan’s 1000 Plus series range of safety light curtains. Many unique design features have been incorporated in the 1000 Plus series enabling the company to offer an exceptionally low cost product.

Two multifunction units are currently available, one acts as a standard safety relay and the other includes additional features including, selectable auto/manual reset modes, external device monitoring (EDM) and LED indicators for all input and output channels. The unit is automatically self testing with simultaneous monitoring between related channels, monitored output switching contacts are rated at 110V, 4A with two additional electronic outputs for status indication etc.

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