The RY4B is one of three safety relays in the RY4 series that offers a dedicated safety relay output switching option for use with the T4 and SG series of safety light curtains.

In addition the RY4 Series relays have been designed to provide easy connection of the T4 Series safety light curtain. The RY4B mirrors the T4 SG series functions for simple connection and provides three normally open safety contacts for increased flexibility.

The RY4B when used in conjunction with the T4 and SG series is suitable for applications where the control system is rated as EN ISO 13849 - 1 PL e, EN 61508 SIL 3 and BS EN 954-1, Category 4


  • Dual safety electronic inputs for connecting the light curtain
  • Safety relay contacts rated at 250V AC, 6A
  • Mirrors the full functionality of the T4 and SG light curtains
  • Auxiliary relay (nonsafety) rated at 250V AC, 6A
  • Dedicated connections for the T4 and SG series safety light curtain
  • Contacts for External Device Monitor (EDM)
  • LED status indicators
  • Din rail mounting 70mm enclosure
  • Complies with BS EN 954-1, Category 4, EN ISO138491 PL e, EN61508, SIL3

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